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KTE was established in 1966 by Raghu Nath Rai with the goal of establishing, aiding, and promoting educational institutions. Since then, the trust has been actively involved in providing financial aid, scholarships, and grants to students in need. The Scholarship Programme provides free education to meritorious students from under-privileged backgrounds. Over the years, the trust has extended scholarships for education to over 300 children.


Our mission is to uplift socially disadvantaged communities and in recent years, we have diversified our charitable portfolio to include food drives and disaster relief efforts. KTE strives to help people equip themselves to achieve their full potential for the long term and provide sustainable aid. 

Prem Prakash managed the trust until 2013. With the passage of time, the baton has passed down to the third generation of trustees. The current trustees of the Trust are Urvashi Sarup (Settler), Kavita Narayan (Trustee), Radhika Sethi (Trustee), Sharat Prakash (Trustee) and Smita Prakash (Trustee). 

All donations will qualify for 80G tax exemption. 

The trust is registered under section 12A (form 10AC). 

The trust is also registered to undertake CSR activities (registration number: CSR00009036)

Raghu Nath Rai

Raghu Nath Rai, a chartered accountant by profession, settled in New Delhi before the partition of India and Pakistan. There, he established an accountancy firm, Raghu Nath Rai and Company, and then, the Kundan Trust for Education in 1966. He was passionate about social development and managed the trust's operations until he passed the mantle to Prem Prakash. He passed away in 2001. 

Prem Prakash
Trustee (until 2013)

Prem Prakash was also a chartered accountant. He was educated at Shri Ram College of Commerce and the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountancy. He received an MBA from the University of Atlanta in Georgia. He was a partner at RNR from 1968 to his death in 2013. He managed the trust after Raghu Nath Rai. 


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is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a certified Information Systems Auditor. He studied at Delhi University and then the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has been a partner at Raghu Nath Rai and Co. since 1998. Sharat is a member of ‘Finance, Banking and Insurance Committee’ and the ‘Environmental Committee’ of the PHD Chambers of Commerce. 

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is the CFO of Yanmar India. Prior to that, she co-founded Markenrich Consulting and spent 10 years working with clients on financial projects. She served as  the Treasurer and Director of the Board of The International School of Helsinki. She has also spent 6 years in KPMG in the management consulting and corporate finance division. Urvashi qualified as a chartered accountant in 1994. She has been affiliated with the trust since the 1990s and manages most projects now. 



is the founding partner at Spaces Design Consultants (SDCHome), established in 1995. SDCHome is an upscale furniture and home expressions brand, focused on providing uniquely designed collections from top-of-the-line authentic American brands. Smita has a degree in interior design and interior architecture from Jesus and Mary College. 



 serves as a Senior Health Policy Advisor to the Govt. of India and liaises closely with the Kerala government on the II4K project. She is a Fellow of The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). She has a Masters in Health Policy & Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Masters in Sociology, a Masters Diploma in Communications & Masters Diploma in Finance from Mumbai.



is a pro bono member and office bearer of Sankalp Welfare Society, a Gurgaon based NGO.  Radhika has been part  of Sankalp since 2006 and is responsible for  fund raising, donor relationships, communication, accounts and administration. Prior to Sankalp, Radhika worked eight years in Kotak Mahindra Capital Company. She is a Bachelor of commerce from Ethiraj College, Chennai and an MBA from JBIMS, Mumbai 

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