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Preet Pathshala


Preet Pathshala is a non-formal learning centre for the children of migrant workers who do not have access to formal education. The objective of the programme is to help prepare these children for continued education at other nonprofit or government schools. 

This slum, located near Bhaktawar Chowk, Gurgaon, is home to many children who do not attend school. Many of these children spend their time roaming the streets, begging for food at traffic signals, and engaging in labour to support their families. Last year, their settlement and homes were cleared to make room for a large liquor store, displacing their families and forcing them to build rudimentary shelters behind the store. 


About Preet Pathshaala

The children are provided a hot nutritious meal daily, after the lesson is done. We have hired a trained chef to prepare a meal and deliver it to the school by 10 am. The meal consists of rice/roti, dal, vegetables, fruit, milk, and water. Filling meals have the power to transform young lives by combating food insecurity, improving their health, and helping to fulfill the nutritional requirements of growing children. 

Preet Pathshaala was started in October 2021. The school was initially managed by a team of volunteers, but is now run by a dedicated teacher who spends two hours a day teaching children basic foundational literacy. The school operates in a one-room shed made of bamboo and covered in a tarpaulin roof. In the last 2 years, KTE has arranged to paint the walls, decorate them with art, and store school supplies in the locked space. 



  1. To teach young children to read and write in English and Hindi. 

  2. To aid and empower students to continue their schooling in NGO or government schools. 

  3. To extend financial aid, scholarships, stipends for promotion of education. 

  4. To promote awareness of basic life skills, including punctuality, attendance, communication, and expression through language and art. 

  5. To provide a nutritious and filling mid-morning meal to each student. 

  6. To spread awareness of the value of education to the families in the community and encourage them to enroll their children in school. 

  7. To improve educational infrastructure in the community by refurbishing the school building, accumulating school supplies, and building lockers for storage. 

Our Students

Currently, 20-25 students attend the school on a daily basis, learning to read, write, and communicate in an educational environment. They also engage in art projects and participate in wellness and health-oriented programmes. The ages of our students are from 4-12, with the majority being of primary school years. 

On the weekends, we extend our meals to the other children in the community as well, feeding about 40 children. We hope that exposure to school, even for a limited time each week, encourages more children to join our classes and spurs families to take this step. A hearty meal is crucial for the development of healthy bodies and active minds. 


Health Services - Swasth Sewa

We are currently planning health camps and services through collaborations with partners such as Shri Satya Sai Organization and Medanta Hospital. 

One successful intervention is the story of five-year old Chotu, a student at Preet Pathshaala. He was born with an eye defect. Unable to see from birth, he was presumed to be blind for life. Our team, in collaboration with Shri Satya Sai Organization, helped him receive a proper diagnosis and subsequent cataract eye surgery. He is expected to recover fully.
There are many children like Chotu, and their parents, who are in need of basic health services. In the coming months, we plan to extend the Swasth Sewa programme and take all our students for regular medical checkups. 

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Team Staff and Community support:




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