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The Scholarship Programme


The Scholarship Programme has been KTE's primary mission since its establishment in 1966 by Raghu Nath Rai. We strove to provide free education to meritorious students from under-privileged sections of society. Over the years, the trust has aided more than 300 children to achieve their potential in school and/or college. 

The main objectives of the programme:

  1. To aid, promote or run educational institutions

  2. To extend financial aid, scholarships, stipends for promotion of education,

  3. To hold seminars, arrange lectures for dissemination of knowledge and advancement of culture,

  4. The Trust seeks to nurture young talent in the arena of sports and beyond by facilitating the identification, grooming & nurturing, and development of world class athletes.

  5. The organization aims to be a frontal group in promoting innovative models/programs and ideas/projects concerning social development issues encouraging a progressive social, economic, educational and a learning environment in India.

  6. To promote and facilitate organizations, individuals and voluntary projects which work towards social development guided by the Millennium Development Goals as cited by the United Nations Organization.

  7. To introduce social innovation models on specific issues of education and environment culminating to ‘change status’ in part of India.

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Yoga for the Future

We invited members of our community to participate in the 'Yoga for the Future Programme', taught by Smita Prakash. Educated at The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Smita is a Yoga Acharya and a member of the Indian Yoga Association. Sessions were held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8AM for a monthly fee of Rs. 2500. All proceeds were donated to the Kundan Trust for Education. Yoga heals from within and is an integral part of spreading positivity in the community.

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