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The Gratitude Project

Pyaar Ka Ahaar

Our team distributed meals at two outdoor locations every day to migrant workers, drivers, daily wage labourers, children, and families. We started by providing 525 meals every weekend and scaled up the project for daily distribution. 

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Our Team

Established in January 2021, the project operated under the aegis of the Kundan Trust for Education. Our core team consisted of individuals with decades of experience in the corporate and social enterprise spaces. Our team members and volunteers enjoyed a great sense of community that stemmed from our shared passion for giving back to the less privileged sections of our society. We worked with a caterer who cooked, packed, and delivered the meals. 

Those We Serve

Our beneficiaries include daily wage workers, auto and taxi drivers, and families dwelling in the marble market settlements along MG road, Gurgaon. Our team strictly adheres to social distancing norms and asks beneficiaries to wear masks while collecting their meals.

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A hygienically packed box containing 1-2 vegetable dishes, fruit, and sweets along with either rice or rotis. The meal and packaging cost Rs. 40 to put together. We ensured our local food providers used high quality ingredients to provide nutritious, filling, and hearty meals. Our goals were centered around improving beneficiaries' access to nutrition.

Goals Achieved Since January 2021

  • Scaled up our funding model to include private and corporate donors.

  • Expanded our operations to multiple locations on all seven days of the week instead of operating just on weekends, as we did initially. 

  • Partnered with an NGO which provides low cost, highly nutritious meals daily.

  • Reduced waste by wrapping meals in paper and foil instead of plastic.

  • Employed members of the community to oversee food distribution and monitor on-site operations. 

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Providing nutritious meals has a tremendous impact on communities. Children have access to a balanced diet, hungry workers have increased energy, and tradespeople can afford a hot meal in terms of both time and money. The Gratitude Project will improve communities' health and well being immediately and in the long run as well. 

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Our Donors

Early on, we reached out to prospective donors by contacting members of our communities directly via messaging apps and social media. Later, we scaled up our funding models to include corporate funding as well. Any and all donations were welcome! Rs. 4000 could bring a meal and a smile to 100 people. We appreciate members of our communities who sponsored meals on special occasions in their lives to spread their joy with those in need. 

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